Luca Artino back on the podium on ŠKODA Fabia S2000 at the “30° Rally della Valdinievole”

The "30° Rally della Valdinievole", second round of the National Rally Trophy of Zone IV, held in Larciano (PT) on days 26 to 27 April, ended with an excellent third place overall and first in class S2000 and Group N. Three podiums in three races for Luca Artino during this 2014 season on the ŠKODA Fabia S2000, prepared and managed by the Team Race Art Technology / ŠKODA Swiss Motorsport.
The "home race" of the driver of Lamporecchio was characterized by uncertain but dry weather during the first stage, in which he twice has run the PS "Larciano" in an exemplary way, finishing respectively fourth to only 8.0 and third to 13.6 from the Citroën DS3 R5 of Michelini who dominated both the stages. The next day the rain has affected the race making the roads wet and slippery for all competitors at the start. Luke has been able to manage the two repeated PS "Lanciole" and "Avaglia" with calm and security without risking anything, with the aim of winning the third step of the podium, knowing they could not be able to reach the two R5 which competed until last for the title, defending even from the fiercest opponents behind, who gave him battle to the last.
The rain setup of the Fabia S2000 and the choice of tires, which are essential in such weather conditions, were perfect, in providing excellent grip, spite of various traits insidious.
After an exciting and widely followed challenge, the victory went to Ciavarella on Ford Fiesta R5, followed by Michelini on Citroën DS3 R5 and Artino on ŠKODA Fabia S2000.
These the words of Luke Artino at the end of the race: "Third podium in three races done, we are very happy with the result: 3rd place overall, 1st class S2000 and 1st Group N ! In the two PS in Larciano we went very well, making good times; the next day, we already knew that we could not take any of the two missiles before and so we don't tried because we are not yet up to it, so we decided to run a quiet race to bring home valuable points without risking anything. Well done also the pursuers, I never thought to find Pucci so close. I thank Fulvio Felicioni (Felix) who was a great companion of battle, all the Team Race Art Technology / Swiss ŠKODA Motorsport impeccable and always high-level, Ecoline Wash with the group Sima Service for their cooperation with the steam cleaning of ŠKODA Fabia S2000, all the sponsors and the people who follow me always in large numbers".
Next appointment for the crew on the ŠKODA Fabia Super 2000 to "32° Rally degli Abeti e dell'Abetone", race TRN Zone IV with coefficient 1.5, scheduled on May 31 and June 1.